pressure fryer substitute

Hey everyone, I bought the book with the KFC fried chicken in it, it says to use a pressure fryer, is there any thing I can use instead of a presure fryer ? thanks


The reason the Colonel originally bought pressure fryers was to reduce the time it took to fry chicken, not for the taste.

You are correct the pressure fryer approach was to reduce cooking time following the fast food scenario. I used my electric turkey fryer to cook the KFC recipe, and it tasted just like what you get there.

Butterball deep fryer by Masterbuilt, just Google Butterball turkey fryer.

You can get one at Lowe’s, WalMart and Amazon. I bought it last year just before Thanksgiving after seeing it demoed on I think the Today show. I cooked a turkey breast and made a glaze from the DADGUM, That’s good cookbook. It was so good I did another for Christmas. Since then I use it for fish, shrimp, chicken, onion rings, mushrooms, crab patties; anything deep fried. It is so much easier and safer to use than a propane gas one. In fact you can cook inside if you choose. I have mine on a roll cart, so I just roll it onto the back porch and cook. If you use it inside you will smell a cooking odor for a while.

Pressure does produce better tasting food, but I doubt it is healthier, with the oil forced into the meat.

Pressure frying is also known as “broasting”, but the equipment is pretty expensive and I believe you need to get certified to use it. You can always just try to tenderize the meat the day before, before frying it in a regular fryer.