Printer friendly


could you make the recipes more printer friendly? With the wide colume on the left side it causes the right side to be cut off a little so that the directions lose the end of some of the sentences.

                                          Jim Ryan

We’re in the process of uprgrading the forum and will be launching it the next week or so. It will have a printer friendly option.

Admin: here’s how your members get the desired information for downloading:

  1. depress "CTRL and “C” simultaneously;
  2. Right click in the frame they want to get the information;
  3. Hold down “CTRL” and “C” while dragging the mouse the entire length of the post;
  4. Open up the appropriate drive (A:\ or D:) or Word;
  5. Left click on the mouse;
  6. Click “Store As” in the drive chosen or on Word.
  7. Delete all the undesired chatter or advertising in the post before storing it.

You will then get the specific information you wish.