private messages

As a fairly new member I’m hoping someone can clue me in.I sent a a member requesting help with 2 recipes.Did not recieve a reply,how can I tell if the message was received? Appreciate all help.Thanks in advance.

nanny - there is a line:

Request a read receipt for this message

that is below the box you write your PM in - and if you check it you will see if the person you have sent it to has read your PM.

Unfortunately - there are some members that you send a PM to and they will not acknowledge for what ever reason.

If you are looking for recipes or any help - you may be better off requesting it in a forum - that way - you will get the answers you need.

It doesn’t take much time to answer a PM - I get tons of them - and I never ignore anyone.

People are people - some you just can’t figure out!

Please post your requests - you will get more help this way and it won’t be so frustrating for you!

Just ask - I know I will try to help you with it!

Kitchen Witch