Problem navigating the pages


I found it a real pain to try and navigate between the begining and end pages listed at the top of the individual pages on the Recipe Exchange Forum.

The ONLY way I can see to find out what is on those pages is to go from the very start, 1 page at a time(no problem there)…


Should you be called away or have to leave the site (or that particular recipe) for any reason…there is NO way to get back to where you were before you had to leave, OTHER than to start all over again from the last number in the starting group and go forward from there…again; one page at a time…and since recipes are ALAWAYS being added…that point that you were at constantly changes too.

My suggestion would be to use a system simular to what GOOGLE uses at the bottom of their pages where they show a block of a minimum of 15 individual page numbers at a time…which constantly udates as you go to the next higher page in that line.

Another alternative would be to number the pages and then put in a “Selection Box” where we can input an indeendent number and be taken to THAT page directly…rather than have to do the “one-page-at-a-time” from the begining thing all over…again.

This would make it a LOT easier to “get back” to a given point in our particular quest.

Thank you,

John Bruening