Problem with brown sugar glaze

Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and I hope one of you smart people can answer this question for me. I’ve been making this glaze for an apple cake for years but just recently it just doesn’t come out right. The recipe is

1/4c Evaporated milk
1/4c Butter
1c Brown sugar
Boil mixture for 9 minutes, stirring constantly.
Let cool 5 minutes and drizzle over cool cake.

I follow this carefully and what I end up with is a glaze that has the consistency of molasses while it’s still warm and I pour on the cake. But when it cools to room temperature it hardens to this super sticky (think sugar daddy candy) or even worse, sometimes like a hard toffee shell that cracks like peanut brittle when cut with a knife. Either way it ruins the cake because it’s inedible. I swear this USED to work but for some reason the last yr or so I’ve made this glaze 4-5 times and it just doesn’t work anymore. I am looking for the approximate consistency of toothpaste when it cools to room temperature.

So far I’ve tried increasing and decreasing the brown sugar content, same results…HELP :slight_smile:

Yes I am supposed to boil this but you may be right. I could be boiling it too hard. I like the looks of your second suggestion better. I will try that instead. If simply boiling mine causes problems then an amature like me had better go with something a little easier.

Thank You!