Quality Time and Good Food

My husband and I work long hours all week. We both like to eat good, homemade food, as well as, cooking it but not at the end of a long day. This is what we do:

Prepare a menu of three to four entrees and sides for the week. I develop a shopping list and he goes to the store :). Either Saturday or Sunday (mostly Sunday) we start our cooking spree. We keep all the food in the refrigerator (don’t have to freeze it). He is home before me so he prepares portions of food to feed my son, he and I and puts them in a low heat over for an hour or so. The food just reheats and doesn’t cook again. Viola, homemade good food without the hassle. It’s not like eating leftovers…it’s better. For example, this week we are having Chicken Fajita Pie and Spanish Rice (had this on Saturday and will have it again on Tues.) Sunday we had Sweet and Savory Beef Brisket, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans. We will have this again on Wednesday. Today (Monday), we will have Sour Pork Roast, Spaetzles and Cabbage. We will have this again on Thursday. On Friday, it’s a buffet of everything.

This process is very economical and stress-free at the end of a long day. The key is to just warm the food, don’t cook it again. Also, it’s quality time with the husband. He loves slicing and dicing and has become quite good at it :). It also allows you to use fresh products without waste.

BTW, this site has been my salvation. I have cooked well over a hundred entrees and 99% were great! Just gotta know what ingredients you like. Try this, it works…make sure that your food is wrapped tight!

Regards, Paula

Thanks, KW it is all of the above. I forgot to mention major kitchen clean-up only in ONE DAY! I have a favorite copper bottom, stainless pan that I love to cook with but hate to clean (I like the bottom shinny :).