question about cooking spinach

Hello Forum,

I’m new to this site and I have a question to pose to you! I like to make baked dishes that include spinach. I like to use fresh spinach as opposed to frozen but often wonder if anyone would be able to tell the difference. I’ve also noticed 90% of the recipes for spinach pies, spanakopita, etc. ask that the fresh spinach be precooked before it’s mixed together with the other ingredients and then baked. Anyone know why? Want to make sure I retain the most flavor as possible.

Thank you!


OK, I’ll admit that frozen spinach does lack in vitamin C compared to fresh.
But two main nutrients in spinach, vitamin A & folic acid, are unaffected by the pre-cooking and freezing process.
Now don’t get me wrong, I always prefer using fresh spinach, but frozen spinach is a great convience that allows me to use it more often.

I love fresh spinach & I love steamed or sauteed fresh spinach, sorry, I really hate frozen spinach and don’t even ask me about canned spinach.

If you really want to use spinach in a recipe & not send people away hating spinach for the rest of their lives, PLEASE start with fresh spinach. Imagine frozen or canned lettuce…yuck!

Ummm, I’ve become the same way with mushrooms, fresh or not at all. We have actually stayed away from a fantastic pizza place that for some unknown reason, uses canned mushrooms on their fabulous pizza.

Fresh spinach is one of the few veggies that is better than it’s counterpart frozen…or we think it is. Try the test taste. I’ll never again make a spinach dip using that frozen spinach (even if it has been heated per directions).

Good Luck!