I keep my flour in the freezer, when using, should i bring it to room temp? Like for pie dough and the like. Sure hope sopmeone can help me on this one.

I keep mine in the freezer too, and I don’t let it set to room temperature. It’s best that flour is cool for pie making anyways! :smiley:

I have never heard of keeping your flour in the freezer. Wow, i will have to try that

I keep it in the freezer so that I don’t get little bugs in it during the summer LOL. Hate bugs!!! Especially the ones that are so little and hard to detect :x

Thanks so much for the help, I appreciate your responce. :smiley:

we never get those cupboard bugs that you are talking about…maybe its the elevation

Actually all flour has weevles, they’re just un hatched, and just the right temp. and humidity can get them growing. At least thats what my grandmother and mother told me. LOL
Anyway thats why I keep my flour in the freezer.