Quick and delious variation on stuffed mushrooms

I tried an experiement for a christmas party and these were a hit, then tried on my family (picky eaters) they were absolutely stunned!!!


1 8oz package of white mushrooms (look for a variety in size-do not buy stuffing mushroom since they tend to be to rich).

1 small pkg cream cheese softened

1/4 cup blue cheese

1 onion

l clove garlic (optional)


pull the stem from mushroom set aside tops. Chop stems and onion and garlic finely.

In 9in skillet brown about 1/2 the mushrooms in 3tbls butter on both sides, when done drain and set aside. Continue with remaining mushrooms.

In a large bowl combine onion,stems,garlic with blue and cream cheese. If desired season to taste with pepper.

On a 9x12 baking sheet arrange mushrooms, stuff well with cream cheese mixture.

You can store in refrigerator for later.

To serve set the oven to broil–broil mushrooms until they are a dark golden brown. Depending on oven, anywhere from 5-8 minutes make sure to monitor.

Serve warm