Quick beef taquitos

12 oz.can corned beef
12-16 corn tortillas(6"x6")
1-2 fresh jalopenos(diced)
black pepper

Heat the tortillas on high heat for 7-10 seconds each side flattening constantly with a spatula to make them pliable. Use a dry skillet for this.
Spread the corned beef and some jalopeno on the far side of the tortilla and roll up. Secure the tortillas with a toothpic so they won’t open during deep frying. Fry as many as possible at once, so as long as the oil completely covers them, or is extremely close to doing so. Fry the tortillas until crisp and, or golden brown. The corned beef is really salty, so if any salt is added, go light. It’s best to use tongs to retrieve the tortillas out after they’ve fried to drain the grease from them over the pan. Lay them out on a plate(s) covered with a paper towel(s) and pat them dry to remove as much excess grease as possible. Serve with any picante or salsa. I use my own homemade
whenever I have some handy. This is a quick and easy dish that’s very satisfying.