Quick Tips


Sprinkle a handful of old rubber bands on the counter and place the cutting board on top, preventing any slipping and sliding when cutting or chopping food. And if you get the juices from meat or poultry on them just throw them away.


Most garbage bags tend to slip down inside the trash can, making a mess to clean up. Secure the bags to the can by using a small bungee cord. Just make sure you don’t throw the cord away when you change the bag, LOL.


Save the empty cardboard box from a roll of extra-wide foil. Line the box with a floured kitchen towel and place the shaped loaf inside, seam side down.

When loaf has proofed, gently roll it over onto a baking sheet or peel ( seam side down again), then slash it and bake it.


Use a child’s (sippy cup). Add all the dressing ingredients to the cup and secure the lid. While holding one finger securely over the spout, shake the cup vigorously to mix well. Remove your finger from the spout and sprinkle over the salad. You will not use to little or to much dressing.


Baking buffs know how quickly all necessary tools of the trade can over take limited space in their kitchen drawers. Buy an inexpensive toolbox from a hardware store to store such thing as, cookie cutters, icing spatulas, mixing cups and etc. I have been doing this for a number of years and have 4 now full of the small items that I may need in the kitchen.

Morning SB,
What a neat idea for keeping your small baking tools in one place.I would never have thought of a small tool box.I have two drawers I keep everything in,and every time I need something for baking it’s always on the bottom.Am going to get myself a couple for sure. Thanks for the idea.

Glad you like the idea, I’ve got three real small shallow drawers for such a big house and a dinky kitchen, this house is about 30 years old but we like it.

I have three tool boxes and they are full, one is red the, other is blue, and one is green and now I need another one and I am ruining out of space for them. Got to get rid some old junk and buy new things that are up to date.

Take care.