Quickie - Grilled lamb chops

Hit the chops with some garlic salt, black pepper and your favorite Cajun seasoning or some dried mint…take your pick. Let them get to room temp and fire up the grill. You want HIGH heat for a quick sear.

Pour some balsamic vinegar in small pan, heat it, add brown sugar and stir until it’s a tiny bit sweet. It will eventually thicken. Use it as a dipping sauce or baste the chops right before you remove them from the grill. I normally do both.

Please cook the chops med-rare, at the most. Enjoy !

The best lamb chops I have ever eaten were in Spain at a home BBQ. The simply sprinkled them with salt and pepper and cooked them over a wood fire. What made them spectacular was the chopped off large branches of rosemary from the hedge and put the rosemary on the burning wood just before putting the chops on to grill. That was some 30+ years ago and I can still taste them.

I’m not into Cajun but that’s basically how I do mine all the time on the grill. If they weren’t so expensive then I would probably try different methods but when I get them I just cook them up and eat them because they are sooo good.