Rasberry-Chocolate Frosting

My name is John. I am a retired pastor who still works at my old church cooking the Wednesday night dinner for 30-40 peopleand a few other things because retirement is boring. I really don’t know much about cooking. I just experiment with whatever tastes good to me and have fun doing it. Everyone says the meals are good so I guess I am learning by doing.

Anyway, Can anyone help me with a recipe for Raspberry- Chocolate Frosting. My next new challenge is going to be baking.

OK. I hav one for Black beans and I don’t want to sound stupid but, how do I send it?

Thanks for your help. I just posted a black bean recipe and this Wednesday I’m doing an experiment with a lentil, turkey sausage stew over rice that should be delicious. Looking forward the to raspbery-chocolate frosting recipe.
By the way, I like your quote about God and life.