Raw Chicken in crock pots

I have heard and read in some older cookbooks That a Crock pot does not get hot enough to keep raw chicken at temp. I see recipes for Chcicken I love my pots I have 4 so would like comments on this please Thanks,

I’ve never had any problems with it, in fact, on high mine will almost boil a liquid after several hours. If you cock the lid a little toward the end of the cooking, it may actually start boiling because it doen’t turn off and on to keep a certain temperature, it just stays on.

thanks for your replys
hugs. Janet

I never remember to thaw Cornish Game Hens (or chickens) so I always put them in the crockpot directly from the freezer, and just add whatever seasoning I want. 8-10 later I have fall off the bone chicken. The crockpot gets warm and then hot in a reasonable length of time to achieve a safe thaw and cook process.