Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking

Real And Healthy Chinese Cooking

Over 500 Authentic and Healthy Chinese Recipes for Your Lifetime

All of the recipes are geared specifically toward those of you who are very busy with other important parts of your lives. No fancy ingredients or equipment required.

Never spend hours to prepare a dinner for your family any more, or a whole afternoon for your graduation party. Armed with this cookbook, you could easily fix a whole table of delicious dishes in less than 45 minutes.

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In this 543-page electronic cookbook, you’ll find:
[li] 338 low carb recipes[/li][li] 289 low fat recipes[/li][li] 356 low calorie recipes[/li][li] 118 fruit, vegetable and vegetarian recipes[/li][li] 22 tofu (bean curd) recipes[/li][li] 10 rice, fried recipes[/li][li] 65 beef recipes[/li][li] 82 chicken recipes[/li][li] 69 pork recipes[/li][li] 65 seafood recipes[/li][li] 21 noodle recipes[/li][li] 23 soup and stew recipes[/li][li] 46 appetizer recipes[/li][li] 22 dessert recipes[/li][li] 13 lamb and veal recipes [/ul][/li]
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