Recipe for quick caramel fridge tart

This is so quick and easy and needs little effort. The children (and those lads with a sweet tooth) love it.


1 tin caramel
500ml fresh cream
1 packet tennis biscuits
1 peppermint crisp

Beat cream till stiff
Add caramel and mix well
Place 1 layer of tennis biscuits in dish
spread half the mixture over the biscuits
Add Another layer of tennis biscuits on top
spread the balance of the mixture over
Sprinkle grated peppermint crips over the top


Hi, I would like to make this, but I would like to know the amount of caramel that is in a tin and is it in a liquid state? Also, what are tennis biscuits and peppermint crisp. Do you know of anything we would have in the USA equal to these items? Thank you

I’m thinking that tennis biscuits would be like lady fingers. Not sure about the peppermint crisp.

use any coconut based biscuit (graham crackers work ok).

caramel can be bought at most grocery stores with a large mexican customer base. la charera (?) dulce de leche by nestle. caramel is condesed milk cooked in a pressure cooker for 2 hours or so.

peppermint crisps as chocolates that are sold only in South Africa. any peppermint (green) chocolate will do though.

if you want these ingredients there is a store in Atlanta,GA.( that you can buy them from (i am not affiliated with the store). i get my SA fix from them every few months…

I would think that dessert topping (the sauce that you put on top of ice cram) wold be the “caramel” that she is alking about. BUt, how much??? And is hte “peppermint crisp” just mint-flavored chocolate? What is this about “green”??

no it is not caramel sauce, it is actually in a can . I think its called caramel whip… its better if you dip the biscuits in water before hand as well

oh and peppermint crisp is just a chocolate bar that has like a peppermint toffee inside. They sell it in Australia so I am sure they would sell it in USA

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I make this tart often and it is really-really yummy,I pour orange juice ontop of my biscuit,for a tangy difference…it really makes a great difference…try it :slight_smile:

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