Recipe request: Pom Tea

Hello… :o

My name is Charlotte. I’ve been lurking off and on here for a long time. The book club was just too much to resist! So…here I am.

One of my favorite things to do is copycat restaurant and whatever offerings I find from time to time, along with taking old standbys and attempting to perfect them. I also like to experiment with food pairings–then have teas or small gatherings to try them out on friends.

Of late, I’ve been working on a clone for “Pom” Tea. We’ve grown hopelessly addicted to the stuff. Unfortunately–like all addictions–its expensive. They sell it by the glass at outrageous prices in the refrigerator section of better stores. There’s just something about it! Its great for taking along to the gym–or just sipping on some of those ultra hot days we’ve been having lately. I can’t prove it but I could swear it improves health. The following is the version I’m currently working on, though stay tuned. I’m still playing with the green tea and fruit juices in the others. This works very well for now though.

“Pom” Tea

Fill a gallon jug (I use one of those sun tea jugs with a spicket) 3" from the top with cool water. Open and tie together 7 individual serving bags of Orange Pekoe tea. Set in the sun til brewed. Add one bottle of “Pom” brand pomegranate juice (or another–about 12 oz). Sweeten to taste while still warm with cane juice or sugar. I ended up using about 3/4 cup or so.

Chill; serve over ice.

I want to try this with Assam tea–and a new one I found that looks promising called rooibos. For now…this is the one we drink.


Hi Charlotte!

Pom makes a very good (and very expensive) product - and I am hooked on it. I have been drinking it daily and adding it to my tea as well.

It’s very good for you and full of antioxidants. Soon the pomegranates will be out and I can enjoy those a well. And I use my juicer and make my own juice with them - very pricy as well. But it is so good!

I enjoy a nice morning juice made of fresh squeeezed oranges, grapefruits and I add Pom to it. Or mix it with orange/pineapple/banana juice or just pineapple and Pom. Try apple juice and Pom over ice for a refreshing drink!
Grapefruit and Pom with honey is good for what ails ya! Add a squeeze of lemon and/or lime for a nice tang.

When I make the iced tea using Pom, I brew it (I have an unusual way of doing that) and pour over a mix of ice cubes and Pom ice cubes; add simple syrup and serve with lemon, lime or orange slices.

When it’s cooler outside, apple cider heated and Pom added is good served with cinnamon sticks and cloves if you want.

Pom has several flavors and they are great in shakes and smoothies too. There is quite a bit you can do with Pom.

One of these days I am going to open my own Tea Shop with everything I have come up with and then I can bake all kinds of goodies to go with them. Just to keep me busy.

Kitchen Witch