Recipe Requests

:stuck_out_tongue: Hello Mr. Ron

How are you? I wonder if you ever heard, seen or taste a big cookie called “Wife Cake” ?

This is a delicious snack made with winter melon, almond paste, and sesame seeds.

Thank You,:lol:

Good Morning Ron, I am hunting for a really good Chicken Wardolph salad. There is a shop here in Tampa, Fl that I get it at but boy oh boy is it expensive but I can’t help myself if I go by there to stop and get a pound at $6.99. It is the only one that I have ever come across that has poppy seeds in it. Very general but some of the recipes that I have tried just doesn’t come close. Any suggestions?

Please help me find this great salad!!!



Tampa, Fl

I have a recipe for Waldorf Salad and another for Chicken-Waldorf Salad that I would be pleased to share with you. However, the forum rule is to share a recipe with us before requesting a recipe so that there are more recipes for everyone to enjoy. So why not post one of your recipes (or 2) in the appropriate forum and I’ll post mine in Recipe Exchange.