Recipe Type?

Hi Ya Ron, :slight_smile:

I’m new to youe site here…love it! recipe sites! I’m a registered user with many sites, I just can’t get enough-- :lol:

My question is :?: , as far as posting recipes go are we allowed to post recipes we’ve picked up from other sites, or are we only allowed to post our own personal recipes. Is there a copyright policy I should know about :?: I’ve got lots of recipes to share that I’ve used but I’m not that talented a chef/baker, most of what I know I learned from other sites, books etc-- :lol: I need to know before I post some of the ones I’d like to. I’ve only posted suggestions at this point. (I like the “emotions” here :lol: )

Thanks Ron :wink: 8)

You can post your recipes and recipes from other sites. However, when posting recipes from other sites, I would suggest giving credit or referencing the site for use of their recipe.