Recipe Wanted

Was looking for a bread bowl dip that I had several years ago. I can only place a few of the ingredients in it so am not sure exactly what I am asking for here.

I do know it had Beau Monde Seasoning in it - and also Dill weed - think it was eiher cream cheese or sour cream - and not sure what else. I will know the recipe when I see it so all suggestions are welcome! LOL

Hey I was close - thanks! I really need to stop analyzing all of the food I eat - LOL

Have a great recipe for a quick snack.
Chicken Littles

10 fresh jalepenos halved longwise and seeded
1 8oz cream cheese
2 thawed skinless chicken breasts sliced into 10 slices each
20 slices lean bacon

fill pepper halves with 1 tbs cheese top w/chicken strip and wrap around and around with bacon slice. use toothpick to secure. grill over hot coals til bacon and chicken are done or bake in Hot oven 450dg till done