Red Chicken Bone?

I made a rotisserie-style roast chicken in my oven for supper tonight. Very moist, tender, and spicy! However, one of the chicken leg bones was RED! I mean red THROUGHOUT the whole bone!! I’ve never seen this before. I know the chicken was cooked properly because my meat thermometer registed 185 degrees perfectly. It was just that one bone. It grossed me out! LOL Did a search on the internet and found one site where it said it was because of hemoglobin in the bone and it being a frozen chicken. Does anyone have any opinion on this?

Thanks, Aline

The hemoglobin part is right, I will get back to that in a moment…
I do not know how many of you have noticed more blood in all your meats over the last 1 to 2 years…

The slaughter process has been changed in some places due to the “animal rights folks”. Bleeding out is no longer practiced… most food animals are now electrocuted then processed for food, this does not allow the proper removal of blood from the animal as once was practiced.

Now back to the hemoglobin… hemoglobin is what makes blood red when oxygenated, quick freezing does not allow the oxygen to leave the blood in a uniform manner when practicing the new slaughter methods, hence your red bone.

Hope this explains it more for you.


Thanks for your input. I know the meat was okay to eat, but I just couldn’t… I have a weak stomach! LOL I remember when I was a kid, my father used to chop the head off the chicken with an axe and the chicken would run around with its head cut off LOL We’d run after it and catch it, and dip it in a barrel of hot water and start to pluck its feathers. Then we would hang the chicken on a special “clothes line”. I don’t think I could handle that today! LOL


yeah, the red bone just means that the chicken wasn’t bled properly or completley after slaughter.


Too funny!

Aline and all…when I was a young girl, my father bought 50 chickens. We lived in the city and they were kept in coops in our basement. These little creatures became pets. One day, I heard screeching and all kinds of mayhem coming from the basement. Walked down the stairs only to find head-less bodies running around and blood everywhere! I didn’t eat chicken for many years after that. In retrospect, I don’t think my parents knew what they were doing LOL.

LOL! Ya’ll just get funnier! No way could I ever eat chicken if I saw that!

Reminds me of my daughter. She was around 15 months old. We had of course been learning all the animals and their sounds, etc. Well, one night at dinner she was yakkin as usual and not eating. I said “Eat your chicken honey!” Her eyes got huge and she looked at me and said “BAK BAk chicken Mommy?” I was caught. She would not eat any chicken that was baked that way. I had to cook it differently so she did not know. I never described meat again. I just said EAT!