Remember Your Medication!

Remember Your Medication!

If you have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you may need to take medication to control your condition. Remembering to take your medicine is important. Daily reminders are often helpful when scheduling your medication doses. Try to time taking your medicine around activities that you do daily, such as setting your alarm clock, brushing your teeth, eating your meals, going to work, or doing other everyday activities.

Other ways to help yourself remember to take your medicine could be:

Set your watch alarm to go off when it’s time to take your medicine.
Place a reminder card in a visible place.
Have a family member or a friend remind you.
Use a medication box that will hold your entire day’s supply of medicine. This will let you know if you missed a dose of medicine.

If you have tried these tricks and still have trouble remembering your medicine, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. It may be possible to simplify your medication schedule or to put your medicine in special containers that can help you.

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