Removing pudding from metal mold

Hi, I just made my first Christmas pudding from an old family recipe. The recipe was very simple and didn’t have many instructions. After successfully steaming the puddings… I put them in the fridge because it was late last night. Well, now I have no idea how to get the puddings out of these metal molds. Any ideas?

In the future you can also line the mold with rinsed cheesecloth to insure easy removal.

Thanks for all the tips… After I poured the pudding in one mold, it struck me that maybe I should have oiled it - so I lightly sprayed the other one… but even that one doesn’t want to come out. I think they cooled for about 20-30 mins. before I put them in the fridge. I have two more molds, so I might try again - my mom suggested Bakers Secret spray.