Rib Roast

Hi everyone. I recently made a standing rib roast, which was great. Now I see a sale for a CROSS RIB ROAST. Can anyone tell me about this cut of beef? Is it the same thing? Thanks for a reply.JoanDee

Hi Joan - in cooking tips you can type Beef in the search and find a lot of info - here is a part of it -

The arm half, located below the blade and neck portion, includes the following:

  • Arm roast and steak
  • Cross-rib roast
  • Boneless shoulder roast
  • Short ribs

The chuck has plenty of connective tissues that melt when the meat is cooked. This helps to add flavor and also helps to tenderize the meat. Although chuck cuts are flavorful, they are not as tender as the loin and rib cuts. They can become rather tough if not cooked properly. Cuts from the chuck benefit from slow cooking using moist heat methods such as braising.

Cross-rib Roast

A cross-rib roast contains the meaty portions on the top of ribs 3 through 5. The cross-rib roast is also known by the following names:

  • Boston Cut
  • English Cut
  • Bread and Butter Cut
  • Shoulder Clod