Roast Turkey Stuffing

Hello Everyone,
I am very much hoping that someone can help me. I am cooking my first Turkey this Christmas and I am so worried about cooking it. I really want the day to go well. I am using a recipe for stuffing for a 6.5 Kilo Turkey. I don’t want to stuff the bird as I know that this slows down the cooking time.
I would like to cook the Stuffing separately but I don’t know which is best to bake it in the oven or to just fry it. I am hoping that someone can advise me and what is also most important if someone can let me know the cooking times for baking and also for frying.
Thank you very much in advance.

When I bake my stuffing outside the turkey, I add a little extra broth since the bird won’t help to keep it moist. (I am in Pattaya)

Thank you so much for your help and advice. There is on juice at all in the recipe that I will be using so I am hoping that you can tell me how much I should use and if it should be Chicken Stock. I intend to bake it in a Casserole Dish and I also intend to have a trial run over the weekend.
The recipe that i will be using is :
Chicken Breasts
Chestnut Puree
Orange Zest
Any suggestions for this.
Thanks so much for your help already.

Of course, the amount of broth you use depends on how much stuffing you are making. I use either chicken broth or broth made from cooking the neck and giblets from the turkey. I make mine to be about the wetness of oatmeal. Just watch that it is not getting too dry. You can pour more broth over the top during the baking if needed.