Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day
by Jeff Cohen

Try one of these 12 romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day and you’ll keep your love alive forever. Better yet, try one idea each month and you’ll make your mate smile 12 times this year.

Celebrate on the 14th every month. Putting all your energy into one annual romantic day is a great start. However, show your mate how you really feel by planning something special every month on the 14th. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just an idea that shows you care and creates quality time for the two of you.

Enroll in a class together. Take up yoga together, join a bridge club, learn to cook. Pick a fun activity that you can do together every week. You’ll guarantee quality time together every week while sharing a hobby.

Try a unique cuisine. You may have a favorite restaurant or neighborhood diner. Still, Valentine’s Day is about doing something special. Try a new kind of food, maybe Mediterranean, Turkish, Indian, or any other cuisine you haven’t sampled before.

Make a photo album. Over the course of the last year, you’ve probably taken fun trips together, experienced new activities, and rejoiced at family functions. Take out all your old photos and create a “best-of” album. The reminiscing alone will bring you closer together.

Face your fears together. Afraid of heights? Try rock climbing together. Worried about your safety? Take a self defense class together. Self conscious about your appearance? Go for joint makeovers.

Live like a millionaire for a day. If you have the budget, rent your dream car for a day, spend the night at a luxury hotel, or buy front row seats to a hot, new play.

Camp out. If the weather is right, pitch a tent or roll out the sleeping bags in your backyard. You can tell ghost stories, sip hot chocolate, and maybe even make smores. If you live in an apartment, setup the camp site in your living room.

Make it a day of favorites. Make a list of each of your three favorite activities. Run around town doing all the things you enjoy most in life.

Go on a double date. Think about your couples friends and choose the couple that’s the most fun to be around. Schedule a double date and share in the festivities together.

Watch your wedding video. If you’re married, watch your wedding video together and relive the memories. If you’re not married but you once filmed a fun trip or experience, re-watch that video and experience the trip or activity all over again.

Ease the burden on your mate. Do a least favorite chore for your partner. Write an essay for him or her to help complete a graduate school assignment. You get the idea, do something that takes a to-do off your mate’s list and lets love in.

Write a journal together. Sit by a cozy fire or under warm blankets and relive all the great moments from the past year. Write the fun stories down to serve as an eternal reminder of why you love each other.