Rooster Booster

I use this stuff called Rooster Booster on my grilled chicken.

Just sprinkle on liberally and grill until skin is crispy. No need for sauce or anything. It is no doubt the best grilled chicken seasoning I ever had. Its good on veggies, pork and even popcorn as well, but the chicken is where it really shines.

What is it or where can you get it?

You can find it here: *Rooster Booster 13.5 oz [RB135] - $12.95 : US BBQ Supply, Go from smoked to smoking

If you just google “Rooster Booster” you will likely come up with something different than a BBQ seasoning. There are several products with the name “Rooster Booster” including an energy drink, a men’s Speedo-style swim trunk, and a wormer/growth hormone for adding to chicken feed.

LOL that’s pretty funny.