Rosewater meringues Recipe

These gorgeous sweet treats taste as good as they look! They would certainly make a great addittion to the christmas desert list,
This one is quite difficult and had the assistance of my other half when i tried out this recipe.
Serve with fresh clotted cream for the ultimately decadant dessert.

450 g caster sugar (golden if you prefer a more caramelised flavour and colour)
8 eggs, whites only, at room temperature
1 tsp rosewater essence
Lemon slice (optional)

Method: How to make Rosewater meringues

Heat the oven to 200C. Spread the sugar over an oven tray lined with baking parchment and cook until it has just begun to melt at the edges, but not caramelise (about 8 minutes).

Meanwhile, crack the eggs, being careful not to drop any yolk into your whites. If you lose any bits of shell, scoop them out with a clean spoon rather than your fingers.

Wipe the inside of your mixing bowl, and the whisk, with the cut side of the lemon and add the eggs. As soon as you spot the sugar beginning to melt at the edges, set the mixer to whisk at high speed while you take the sugar out of the oven.

The mixture should be just foamy by the time you add the sugar. Wearing oven gloves, pick up the baking parchment with oven gloves and tip the hot sugar slowly into the still-whisking mixer. Continue whisking until the mixture has cooled, and is glossy and will hold its shape. Turn the oven down to its lowest setting.

Add the rosewater, and whisk again until combined.

Line 2 baking trays with parchment, and spoon the meringue on in great gorgeous blobs – remember they’ll increase in size as they dry out. Put them into the oven and bake until they are crisp on the outside, and sound hollow when tapped on the bottom: about 2 hours.

Turn the oven off and leave them in there until it has cooled, then immediately transfer to an air-tight container.

30 min

skill level

cooking time
2 hours


Let Me know how you find it!!