Salad from cabbage, cucumber and celery

Ingredients for the salad of cabbage, cucumber and celery:

Cabbage: 300 gr.

Cucumbers: 1-2 pcs.

Celery: 2 stalks.

Bow: 1 pc.

Olive oil: 3 tbsp

Juice of half a lemon.

Salt: to taste.

Salad Recipes:

Cabbage shred finely, a little salt and mash to highlight the juice.

Cucumbers and celery cut arbitrarily.

Onions cut semirings.

All put in a bowl, add lemon juice and fill a good olive oil.

Green vegetables and fresh fruits are good for health. Salad like cabbage,cucumber have low celery. If you want to Weight loss that time it is benefited. They are good for digest. They are hygienic and good for health.

I am agree with you. Green vegetables are with full Vitamin A. If I am not wrong. It is also good for good health & sharp eyes. As or IT executive I always prefer to eat Green vegetable without boil it. What you think about it?

I love salads , especially vegetable ones . They are healthy and awesomely good for the health as well . I believe that Healthy salad recipes should be simple and with a delicious array of leaves, herbs and other produce to add flavors, colors and textures. Minimal or no cooking should be involved and often be prepared well in advanced to fit in with a busy lifestyle.