Salisbury Steaks & Baked Shells & Cheese

Salisbury Steaks

3 lbs ground beef or turkey *
1 cp cooked white rice, cooled *
1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper *
1/4 tsp salt *
2 lrg egg whites *
Cooking Spray
2-1/2 cps sliced mushrooms
1-1/4 cps onion, finely chopped
2 jars beef gravy ^
1/4 cp vegetable broth ^
3 TBS Worcestershire sauce ^
4 TBS water
3 TBS cornstarch

Combine * ingredients in bowl and mix well. divide into 8 - 10 eqaul portions. Shape into 1/2 inch thick patties. Coat lrg skillet with cooking spray. Place over med heat till hot. Add patties and cook 5 mins on each side or till browned. Remove from skillet, set aside and keep warm. Recoat pan with spray. Add mushrooms and onions, saute 3 mins. Add ^ ingredients to pan, cook 10 mins. Return patties to skillet. Cover, reduce heat and simmer 15 mins. Remove patties, set aside. Keep warm. Combine water and cornstarch, stir well. Stir into skillet. Bring to boil and cook 1 min till thick. Stir constantly. Spoon over patties.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

5 TBS butter
8 TBS flour *
1-1/4 tsp dry mustard *
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes *
1 cp evaporated milk
1 cp milk > or you can just use 3 cps milk but I like the
1 cp half n half creamier texture.
10 oz sharp cheddar cheese (1 block), shredded
1/2 lb block swiss, shredded
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
1 box and 1/4 cp medium shells, cooked and drained. Leave in cool water till useing.

Preheat oven to 350… Melt margarine in lrg saucepan over med heat. Stir in * ingredients. Gradually, add 1 cp milk. Stirring with whisk till smooth, cook 1 min. Stir constantly. Gradually stir in last 2 cps of milk substance of your choice, cook 10 mins till slightly thick & bubbles form. Stirring constantly. Remove from heat and add cheeses a handful at a time stirring after each till well blended, reserving 1/4 cp of each. Add S&P. If to thick (paste like) add a little more half n half 1 TBS at a time ) Stir in cooked shells (drained if held in cool water) carefully so don’t break. Put mixture in casserole dishes or seperate gratin bowls. Sprinkle with reserved cheeses and Bake 30 mins. Cover and cook 30 mins. Let stand covered 5 mins.

You can mix in bacon bits, prosciutto or any frozen/ fresh veggies you want and just bake it the 30 mins.