Sally Sherman salads

Does anyone have a recipe for Sally Sherman brand macaroni salad as well as their potato salad?

Did you ever get Sally Sherman potato salad recipe? I need it!

My favorite deli went out of business recently, unfortunately. I absolutely loved their Coleslaw, Macaroni Salad, and Potato Salad. When I mentioned that to the owner on their last day he sold me a 5lb container of Coleslaw for $5. Turns out they used Sally Sherman… I must have more, LOL! The container lists all of the ingredients which I could post if that is of any use to anyone. Otherwise, if anyone has the recipe or similar it would make many of us very, very happy :slight_smile:

I will bet that with the list of ingredients KW can come up with the recipe.

I don’t buy deli salads but I would like to taste it - then I would go to work on the recipe as well!

I am looking for sally shermsms potato salad recipe

one of my favorite recipes