Salmon fillet served with steamed vegetables

An low fat and carbohydrate healthy meal, enriched in vitamins and protein, a steamed meal that’s very easy to make and one you wouldn’t want to stop eating.
2 pieces of salmon fillet or according to amount of diners.
10 pieces of broccoli.
A handful of frozen green beans.
A handful of frozen green peas.
1 Thinly sliced unpeeled fresh carrot.
Spicing ingredients:
A sprinkle of Atlantic salt.
A sprinkle of black grated pepper.
1 Fresh and squashed garlic clove.

Making this meal will require you with a steaming machine or steaming pan, better to use a steamer, made of bamboo.
Put the frozen vegetable mixture on the steamer (no need to thaw out), add the salmon fillet pieces above.
Fill 1/4 water in a pan that has to have a smaller diameter than the steamer and boil, lay the steamer above the pan and cover it with a lid, lower the flame and steam for 20 minutes, until the vegetables are soft but not too soft and the salmon is soft and ready.
Spice the upper part of the salmon and serve fresh and hot.
Enjoy! :wink: