San Francisco Seasoning Mix

When my husband and I lived in San Francisco in the late 60’s, we bought a spice blend called San Francisco Seasoning. Does anyone remember it? Does anyone have a recipe for a similar mixture? Thanks.

I also lived in San Francisco in the early 60’s in the Haight-Ashbury area and I’m surprised anybody can remember anything from that time period. :smiley:

I don’t remember any city pride seasoning being advertised. Was it for fish or steaks? Where was it sold primarily? I remember a lot of different local seasonings down on Fisherman’s Wharf.

I think I bought the seasoning at Stonestown Market, but it might have been available at Safeway (we lived in the Richmond District). I can’t even remember if it had salt in it. But it was fantastic on eggs and anything else you put it on.

I found this site which advertises San Francisco Bay Seafood Seasoning made by Spice Island:

I have bought SF Seasoning mix at Petrini’s in Marin County from there is was sold to Cassada Farms in Santa Barbara. The company that is selling this product is City Gardens, 1029 State Street, Santa Barbara CA 93101
FAX 805 568-0065, phone #805-568-0700. The last time I have ordered this was 9 years ago, 12 bottles and I am just running out. I have tried to call at all different hours from 7 AM to 7 PM with just a recording coming on and no one ever calls back. Next thing I will try is faxing my order in. Good luck

Might the following be why you cannot reach them?

Petrini’s stores to be sold to major grocery wholesaler.
Publication: Business Wire
Date: Friday, May 10 1996

SAN RAFAEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 10, 1996–Bay Area Foods, the parent company of Petrini’s, today announced plans to sell 11 of its 13 store locations to Certified Grocers of California. A definitive agreement is expected in the next 30 days.

Bay Area Foods signed a letter of intent to sell its Petrini’s stores in San Francisco, San Ramon, Sunnyvale, San Bruno, Burlingame, Walnut Creek, San Mateo (two stores), Novato, Moraga and Castro Valley.

The company expects to announce the sale of the two remaining Petrini’s stores in Greenbrae and Santa Rosa in the coming week. The company will retain its holdings in New Deal Markets located in the Central Valley.

“As an independent grocery chain, Petrini’s is considered one of the top gourmet markets in the Bay Area. Our stores have performed well in a very competitive marketplace, making them a solid investment,” said Sam Singer, Spokesperson for Bay Area Foods.

Certified Grocers of California, Ltd., one of the largest volume cooperative wholesalers in 13 western states, intends to sell the Petrini’s stores to its members. Chuck Pilliter, Certified’s Senior Vice President and President of the Northern California Division said, “We will be meeting with our members on May 16 to provide specific details regarding the terms and conditions that will outline the sale of these stores exclusively to Certified Grocers’ member patrons.”

Petrini’s, founded by Frank Petrini in 1935, has an established reputation for excellent service and quality meats and produce. The Petrini family sold the chain to the Canadian company Provigo, Inc. in 1988.

[b]CONTACT: Certified Grocers

Chuck Pilliter, 510/847-8866 [/b]

I used to buy San Francisco Seasoning at Race St. Fish Market in San Jose, where we lived from 1965-74. I bought it for awhile when we returned to visit, but sometime back then it was discontinued. I decided to create my own blend, and did so. It isn’t exactly the same, of course, because of the proportions of ingredients, but we are happy with it. I’m sure mine has less salt than the original because I have always, since my early 20’s, cut down on sodium in my diet.

Would you post the recipe?

I have been looking for San Francisco Seasoning. I just found a seasoning that is real similar. It is from “Penzeys Spices” called “Fox Point Seasonings” look them online.

I, too, am on my last half-bottle of SFS. When I was given a bottle about 30 years ago it was being produced by Armanino Farms in CA. It then passed to Culinary Fare, prepard by Supherb Farms of Turlock, CA I have learned that the recipe and patent are now in the hands of McCormicks and they’re not producing it. I am going to try to duplicate based on the contents list on my bottle. They are, in order of appearance: Freeze-dried shallots, salt, FD parsley, black pepper, FD chives, sodium silico aluminate (to make free flowing) and FD leeks.

Would you please post your recipe? Thanx.

Are you going to try and make it? If so, Will you post the recipe please? Thanx

                                                                  PLEASE,Please post this recipe..It would make such a wonderful Christmas gift for all of my siblings and my own family...YUM!

I too remember SF Seasoning, in the 60’s, great on eggs, burgers, made by Armonino Foods, it sure made growing up here what it was!

All of the above comments, condensed into this info:

San Francisco Seasoning Mix

Freeze-dried shallots
Freeze-dried parsley
black pepper
Freeze-dried chives
sodium silico aluminate (to make free flowing)
Freeze-dried leeks

30 years ago it was being produced by Armanino Farms in CA
It then passed to Culinary Fare, prepared by Supherb Farms of Turlock, CA

Very similar spice mix from “Penzeys Spices” called “Fox Point Seasonings”
Ingredients: Hand-mixed from: salt, shallots, chives, garlic, onion and green peppercorns