Sauce leftovers ideas

Thanks to you all, I was able to make homemade gyros and bake the pita bread. The recipes and information I found have been great!

So, our Gyros were a hit. Everything is gone. Except the Cucumber Sauce. Any suggestions for another recipe to use this in? Can I freeze it?

Little Nikita - I am so glad to hear that all went well for you!! Sounds like you did fabulous!

Have you used any of the Cucumber Sauce as a salad dressing for a nice greens salad or even a nice pasta salad? What about a potato salad? Serve as a topping for hamburgers, or meatballs - in place of gravy. A sauce for a veggie???

I wouldn’t freeze it - it may breakdown and it would turn yucky!

Hope this helps.

Thanks for more of your magic!
I didn’t get a chance to work with it this time, I had some unexpected events take me away from my favorite room in the house, but I will remember those for future reference, especially for the pasta salad.
Does anyone have a suggestion for seasonings to add to it? I thought about adding some mexican spices of some kind (Milder for my family) to use as a sour cream in our mexican dishes. Didn’t know about the cucumber taste with that.
Yup. I’m a chicken. I’ll experiment, but I’m worried about doing it solo, I don’t want to waste food. Thanks again!

You’re very welcomed! Don’t be afraid to add some Mrs. Dashs’s blends as well! There are many different varieties that would go well. Try some seasoned pepper:
1/3 c Black peppercorns
2 tb Sweet pepper flakes
2 tb Whole white peppercorns
1 ts Dried minced onion
1 ts Crushed red pepper flakes
1/2 ts Dried minced garlic

Process until crushed to a coarse powder. Store

Makes about 2/3 cup.

You know, we do like to mix our own spices. It does make it feel more “magical”. I joke with the kids about how it feels like making potions. Only, it’s nice to have a guide. Once, when making a chicken rub, my daughter got a little excited and put in almost all the spices she found. The results were…interesting. After that, I found the rub section in here and printed it out. We also started talked about herbs and what they do for flavor. She’s becoming a rub master, I must admit!

Good for her! We make all our own - been doing it for so many years that it is just an automatic thing! And the best part of it - you can make it the way you want!