sausage apple thing

I am having my sausage apple thing.

Peel anad slice 2-3 apples into bottom of greased 8" square pan. Top with pre-cooked sausage links or crumbled cooked sausage. Then, top with prepared Jiffy cornbread muffin mix. Bake until muffin mix is browned. Invert on plate, cover with hot applesauce. Can drizzle wwith maple syrup (optional)

That sounds wonderful, pansylady and I’m going to try it.

I hope it is ok to add a variation to it that I’ve made for years. Let me know if this isn’t ok to do and I’ll stop.

Crumble and lightly brown Jimmy Dean hot sausage in a fry pan. Add some cinnamon and brown sugar, touch of salt and pepper (or not as you wish) and a little butter or margarine, cover and simmer til apples tender. Adjust seasoning.

I serve the cornbread on the side.