Sausage, mushrooms,& potatos

I guess the title basically says it all, almost. Serves 4 people
I like and use Fennel sausage, 2 lbs cut into bite sixe pieces
4 Russett potatos big size
2 8 oz cans straw mushrooms
3-4 tbls olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

Heat oil in cast iron skillet add sausage pieces and cook over medium heat for about 5 mins. add cut up small bite size potatoes and stir in. After a few minutes add mushroom pieces and stir in.
Have oven preheated to 400 degrees
After all ingrediences have been cooking for few minutes stir well, cover and put in center of oven. Every 15 minutes take out and stir to prevent sticking.
Continue stirring every 15 min. until 45 min. has passed. Your done, voila

Use your favorite sausage, and don’t be afraid to try any type of mushroom either, they all work. This is truly a delicious meal, we have it regularly, enjoy!


Hey I made this the other nite. It was good. Thank you! Its nice trying out new dinner ideas.