Sauteed Cabbage And Ground Beef

Ground Beef
Bell Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper(optional)
Louisiana Hot Sauce(optional)
Choice of seasoning for ground beef and veggies

Shred the cabbage, chop your onion, mushrooms and bell pepper and slice your jalapeno. Season up your patty and add everything to skillet. Put a lid on skillet and fry until ground beef patty is cooked through. After it has completed cooking, transfer everything to a plate and add a liberal amount of louisiana hot sauce and any more seasoning that you may wish for the sauteed veggies. My personal preference was regular old salt and black pepper for both the ground beef patty and veggies as well. This is hot and spicy, especially with the combo of the jalapeno pepper and louisiana hot sauce. If you want to take away some heat, rid the jalapeno of the seeds before sauteeing it or omit it and the hot sauce altogether. You’ll be surprised at how good this dish is and how simple as well. There are basically zero carbs here and a lot of flavor.