Saying hello.

Just signed up on the forum today but have been getting Ron’s newsletter for awhile.
I am a displaced Brooklynite and am living in central Texas now. Been here for 43 years. This is the last base I was stationed at when I retired from the Navy and the family was settled here.
I am a BBQ affectionado having 2 Weber grills and 2 Kamados. One is a large clay Hibachi I brought back from Japan in 1970 and is used mostly for roasting and smoking. The other is a medium ceramic kamado I bought in April which I’m sorry I wasted my money on.
It’s only my wife and I now so for grilling I use my 14in Weber grill. For family grilling I use my 18in Weber.

Hi…!! I am too ne wto this recipe…i have been exploring this site whole…i found lot of information from this site…great work…keep going admin.