School Cafeteria Corned Beef Burger

School Cafeteria Corned Beef Burger

50 Servings

2 oz. protein per serving

5 qts. (6 1/2 lb.) corned beef, cooked, chopped
3 qts. cooked potatoes,chopped fine
3/4 c. shortening
1 c. onions, minced
50 hamburger rolls

Chop cooked corned beef. Add finely chopped potatoes. Cook minced
onions in shortening until transparent, but not brown. Add to meat and
potato, mix thoroughly. Make into portions using #8 scoop (3 ounces - 6 tablespoons).
Shape round and flatten to one-half inch in thickness. Brown in melted shortening,
just enough to keep patty from sticking. Turn, brown other side or finish
cookingin oven. Serve hot on hamburger bun with slices of cheese grilled
in broiler or with barbecue sauce.

Source: “The School Lunch”, 1962