Seafood Chowder!

My daughter has been trying to find “Billy McHales” Seafood Chowder and can’t find it anywhere.
Does anyone out there know a Copycat recipe for it? I would really appreciate the help!
Thanks in advance!!
Pauline aka Pj

I’ve never eaten there, so I am unsure if it is a cream or tomato based chowder, but I found this recipe on the Seattle Times site among items that were being put out for a Super Bowl party by Billy McHale’s. I hope this helps!


The Seattle Times: Food & wine: Recipe: Seattle Seafood Chowder

Hey there, thanks for your reply, I am sorry I did not respond earlier, I am afraid I had forgotten I had asked the question so therefore had forgotten to come back and check! Silly me, lol.
I have sent your answer on to my daughter so we will see if it is the one she remembers!!
Thanks again,