Secrets for Feeling Good in Spring

Secrets for Feeling Good in Spring

Spring is nature’s birthing season, when new life emerges from the quiet sleep of winter. As tender shoots begin to break through the soil into the warm light of the sun, we too feel the stirrings of seasonal change.

What has been nurtured deep within us in winter comes to full bloom in spring, to be nourished by the summer sun and harvested in the autumn. Spring is a time for planting seeds and ideas, and for creating intentions for the year to come. The woods are decked with the full-blown flowers. The bee hums and the notes of the cuckoo are heard to reverberate through the skies. The color of the season is green that is springing up all around us.

Moving into spring is an exciting time of year. As the weather changes we are inclined to “spring” into action, however, allowing our bodies to adjust to the seasonal changes is important for maintaining health. Although the air is warmer now, our body’s inner fire is only beginning to rise from the depths of winter. Be sure to dress warmly, especially around the neck and shoulders, where spring winds can enter and chill.

Here are a few tips on Staying Healthy in spring:

Enjoy Nature: Walk outside and breathe the trees, the breeze, and the seas (or the water energy like rivers or lakes near you), and the many birds singing. Notice the differences in Nature and the greater harmony of which we are all an important part. Take some time to be outdoors and play. This can happen, even in a city park, if you relax and let in your surroundings; surrender to Nature’s silence and embrace. Breathe in the life of spring.

Exercise: Update or begin an exercise program. First, stretch out; awaken your body. Yoga and stretching are great for maintaining your youthfulness and flexibility. Tone up with some weights, and do some aerobic activity for heart strength and for building endurance. Get outdoors and exercise–move your Body! Stay Fit and Stay Healthy. Hike and explore your neighborhood and extended community or find a place you have heard about and wanted to visit.

Eat Healthy: Enjoy nature’s bounty, fresh seasonal fruits, and vegetables at their organic best. Spring greens are also wonderful. Sprouts are likely the highest quality and most vital foods we can eat as they contain high amounts of many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Also, avoid junky fats; these include fried oils, hydrogenated fats, and the low-quality oils commonly used in most restaurants.

Skin Care: Revitalize your skin after a long cold winter with a mineral salt scrub, which vigorously massages soothing mineral salts and oils into the skin to exfoliate and stimulate body circulation, leaving your skin smooth as silk. Stretching increases circulation of the blood and lymph fluid. This relaxes your body, ease tension, and it helps lubricate muscles.

Take a Break: You may also wish to take a break from the TV, news, violent movies, and stressful people while you are purifying your life. It is good to have a reference by taking a break, even with substances like caffeine and sugar, to see how you feel and what level your dependence is on your favorite substances. Avoid drugs and excesses. Take a break from alcohol and avoid chemical exposures wherever possible. Think Purification.

Get Motivated: Use the spring months to clarify your plans and deepen the potential spiritual awakening or progress. Where and how are you now? Where do you wish to be in a couple months? What will it take, for you to move in that direction? Change can be difficult, yet it does not really have to be if you will allow the inspiration and motivation to arise from within. Just make a start, and a space for your enlightenment!

Plans and Commitments: Begin by looking at the key areas of life-Health and personal habits, Love and relationships, and Career or work. Look at your personal relationships and see how they affect you and how you affect them. Include your significant other, friends, or relatives to go along with you in a Spring Cleansing diet for their own good and for your support.

Healing Feelings: How do you feel usually? Are you low or depressed? Are you more positive and energetic? Ideally, we can feel a wide range of emotions based on our daily life experience and not dwell on one particular emotion, which is the real problem. Embrace the whys of moods and energy levels with greater honesty of your true feelings - that is the beginning of healing feelings. Many factors ranging from your diet and digestive health to your early childhood learned behavior patterns influence your mood, energy level, and emotions, and thus your Spiritual Well-Being.

Prevent Allergies: As Spring rolls along many of us experience nasal stuffiness, sneezing, itchy nose, eyes, and/or ears, and runny noses. The most common trigger of allergies throughout the spring months are non-flowering trees, grasses, and weeds. Allergies cannot be prevented; however, you can prepare for allergy season by learning to control them.

[li]Staying indoors especially on dry windy days
[/li][li]Driving with the windows closed and the air conditioning on
[/li][li]Allergy proofing your yard by eliminating offending plants, and staying off freshly mowed lawns.
[/li][li]Changing your clothes, taking a bath or at least washing hands after coming back from outside
[/li][li]Drying clothing with a vented dryer, NOT on a clothesline outside

Like all seasons of the year, we need to remain in balance with the weather, not fight against it. We hope you have an enjoyable and healthy spring.