Hi Folks,

Being that I’m sometimes creatively challenged, I look to the community here at for new ideas. The idea for was inspired by you as a niche that fulfills a current void online.

Despite what the name implies, SMR will be much more than a recipe site. It’s many unique services are listed at:

This section of the forum will hopefully answer some of your pre-launch questions and foster some new suggestions that will make the service even better.

Feel free to post away.



Great idea Ron…

I think it’s a winner! Count me in on the affiliate list! All of our members here should be emailing everyone on their personal address list that is a recipe hound or could\would use this service…viral marketing in the pre-launch countdown~here’s your chance to pitch in and help!

Well done Ron…as usual

B-man :wink:

Hi Ron! What a nifty idea! You can count me in…A couple of questions though…

Is the fee of .25 per day include the whole year of 365 days or if we join for the whole year, is there a discounted price? :wink:

What do my friends pay to join and what is my benefit from them joining? How much will I actually be paid per member?

Thanks for a great website! Keep up the good work. Marcia :wink:

Hi Marcia,

Great questions.

I probably could work in a discount if you join for the whole year. It’s still in the pre-launch stage and I’m open to ideas.

The details of the payout can be found at:

Thanks and Regards,


Ron, I like the idea. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have that many contacts so would you have aby suggestions for getting contacts off the web? I also agree there should be a discount for yearly memberships.

I think it is a great idea and look forward to seeing the final product. Count me in on the first group!

Question, I own a restaurant, send out several thousand newsletters a month to our customers, could I put this on our website as a link and service?

Count me in! Anything that helps me plan my family’s meals & makes me a grocery list is okay in my book.

Thanks Ron

Hello gms51,

Don’t get me started on ways to market online. I’ve been at this for over 5 years and it could be a very long discussion.

Here’s a few basic ideas for you assuming you don’t already have a website:

  1. Post on forums and use your affiliate link in the signature.
  2. Place inexpensive ads in ezines or online newsletters related to cooking.
  3. Send out an email to a few people with a very funny joke or picture in it. At the bottom of the email place a small ad for the service. People will forward your email on to friends.
  4. Use Google AdWords to place ads on Google’s search results (for recipe related searches).

Theere are many other ways as well. The best information I’ve read on the topic over the years is:



Yes indeed, great idea. This service would sell like hotcakes to your list.


This sounds like a wonderful service and I would love to use it, however, I can’t affort to spend $30 a month to help me save on time or whatever. I would definitely try it at a lower cost such as 10 or 15 cents a day. :(javascript:emoticon(’:cry:’)

25 cents per day is only $7.50/month. People spend more than that in ATM fees each month.

I would lower the price but I have to hire some people to manage this service. Plus I think it’s already pretty low, IMO.

Would we only be receiving the recipes that are new coming in, or if, for instance, we want to look at all of the desserts on the web site, with this service, would we be able to download all of them and just select the ones we want to keep?

Also, I don’t need the meal plans so is there a provision for us to choose what we want to download? Thanks. I did see something similar a few weeks ago, but since I did not know anything about the company, I was afraid to download it. I belong to Pay To Click Sites so I have a large amount of space to advertise this in. Thanks!


Sounds like a service I would like to try. I teach cooking classes in a local kitchen supply store and write columns in the local county newspaper - so I am always looking for new sources for material.

Count me in for startup


The recipes would be from all over, not just this site.

The service won’t be an everyday download. You would download the setup file once and the recipes would be sent directly to your computer thereafter. You’d be prompted that your recipes have arrived just like an instant message alert. No emails to check.

It will be an ad free service and the download is completely safe - guaranteed. No popups, etc.

I haven’t seen anything similar to this on the Net.

Hi grandmalen,

Thanks for your post.

Send me some of your articles and I may feature them in my newsletter. That’s if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:



Will we be able to delete the recipes that we don’t want so it takes up less room on our hard drives? Also, if we have to re-do our computers, then we would just re-download the software? Thanks.


Yes and Yes

Hi Ron,

 Great idea!! .25 a day for 365 days is 91.25. You could make a yearly membership a flat $ 60.00. It is a round figure offers a 30% rate break,

and can easily be managed. I am new to your site, but have been impressed by what you are offering. Keep up the good work!! Count me in!!!

Since I see my reply was promptly removed, I was wondering if I will still be able to visit this site. Haven’t I already paid a fee for this?

How did you think I found your site in the first place? I was surfing web.

:shock: Marilyn

Hey Matt…

That’s the spirit! Great idea to include it in your monthly mailings to your members. Just a suggestion… check out … it is free to join and you can add your promo for your members…AND if you became an affiliate for you could also point the program to that site.

It’s an ingenious viral marketing tool. Free to join, and when you send out your mailings, an unobtrusive tag follows along with your email message(s) via the Instant Buzz email program tag-along feature. From there, recipients can hit the link and explore the sites that pique their curiosity. It is free to join and the download program is free too! You always have the option for turning off Instant Buzz with your mailings, if you so desire.

Also, a tag line at the bottom of your email messages with your affiliate link to would work great too … just like Ron’s tag lines in his posts, PM’s and membership messages via email. Simply set up your personal email signature, inclusive of your affiliate link to in your email client program. It will be automatically added each and every time you send a message to anyone!

Just a suggestion! Actually ANYONE can subscribe to Instant Buzz for free, and download the program free. You don’t have to be in business or be a Webmaster to use the Instant Buzz program.

We all can become affiliates for and use Instant Buzz when emailing our own personal email address recipients. Our affiliate payout can easily cover the monthly membership subscription cost! Not a bad deal for a few minutes of effort one time, and then your on auto pilot with the likelihood of a paid for subscription, each and every month! And, you can never be accused of spamming!

The easiest and perhaps the best Viral Marketing tool is simply to share the upcoming launch of with all our personal email address friends, and as a closing comment, make certian that you tell your email recipent(s) that if the recipe service is not for them, then to feel free to forward your message to someone they think might benefit from the service…this can create an unreal amount of free promotion of not only the site, but your affiliate link!

Try it … I intend to! It costs nothing to share an idea with a friend, and in turn they do the same, and so on and so on!


B-man :wink: