Share your Thanksgiving menu

So, we are getting close to the wonderful holiday that you cook, eat and watch football. I really couldnt think of a better day!!! I have found myself asking people I know what they are planning for there menu… I just feel like I am leaving something out. I am attending a family potluck Thanksgiving dinner, but I am doing most of the cooking (i dont mind, though :smiley: )

I am trying a couple new variations to the traditional recipes…

Here is my menu (lemme know if you would like me to post the recipe, if it sounds delish to you)

Green bean casserole ( not from cans! even making my own fried onions!)
Cranberry sauce (not canned, fresh cranberries w orange zest)
Whiskey glazed sweet potatoes ( this has a little sweet and a little heat, new recipe I found)
Pumpkin gooey butter cakes (courtesy of paula deen)
Spicy brown sugar carrots.
Champange apple cider cocktail
Smoked Turkey
Those are all the dishes Im responsible for but there will also be:
Corn casserole
Hashbrown casseroles
Broc and cheese casserole
Pumpkin pie
Corn bread dressing.

I think thats it… please share your menu… I am curious to see what others are planning.

Since we’re vegetarians, this is ours: country fried tofu (tastes like chicken!), green beans with butter, lemon, and Braggs, mashed potatoes, home made stuffing, brown gravy, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie. The only thing that keeps this from being vegan is the butter. There are so many extremely close alternatives to animal products – except butter – you can easily convert virtually any normal recipe into a vegetarian one. That’s what I’ve been doing with Ron’s books and with this forum. These days, vegetarians never have to suffer through those, uh, overly healthy tasting meals unless they want to.