Shrimp Salad Stuffed Papaya

175 grams cooked salad shrimp
75 grams unsalted roasted cashews
2 T finely chopped red bell pepper
1 T freshly squeezed lime juice
2 T vegetable oil
1/4 t sugar
1 T chopped fresh mint or cilantro
1/2 t curry powder
salt to taste
1 medium ripe papaya, halved lengthwise and seeds removed

Place all the ingredients, except the papaya, in a bowl and gently toss to combine. Cover, place in the fridge, and allow flavours to meld 30 minutes. Gently toss the shrimp mixture again; divide and stuff into the papaya halves and serve. Garnish with lime wedges and mint or cilantro sprigs, if desired. Makes 2 servings.