Sign Of The Cross

A priest and a Rabbi were on an airplane coming back to the USA from England.

They were almost over land again when the engine stopped and the pilot told the passengers to prepare for a crash. The priest quickly made the Sign Of The Cross and began to pray. The Rabbi hesitated, then made the sign of the cross also and began his prayers as well.

The pilot managed to get the plane over dry land and safely on the ground where the passengers were evacuated down the inflated ramps.

The Priest and Rabbi stood nearby and ask the rabbi," Didn’t I see you make a Catholic Sign of the cross before you began to pray for our safety?" The Rabbi said that he did and the Priest ask him," Why did you do that?" and the Rabbi replied," Have you ever tried to make the Star Of David quickly?"

Blonde walks into jewelry store and tells jeweler at the counter she wants to have a “T” put on her necklace. The jeweler asks her what sort of “T” is it that she wants. The blonde points to the display case like one of those. The jeweler responds with, “that is a cross”. The blonde then asks, across from what?