Skateboard Cake

Skateboard Cake

9" round cake
9- by 13" cake
Yellow and red food coloring
3 16-ounce tubs of white frosting
Wooden toothpick
4 small chocolate-coated doughnuts
2 Pirouette cookies
4 peppermint candies
Pastry bag and tip
Step 1:

Cut the round cake in half. Trim the long edges of the rectangular cake so
that they are contoured like the sides of a skateboard, then arrange the
cakes as shown. (halves are arranged at each end of rectangular cake)

Step 2:

Tint 2 tubs of frosting yellow and 1 tub red. Then spread a thin base layer
of yellow icing over the entire cake.

Step 3:

Create a pattern for the design by using a toothpick to etch a swirl and
stripes in the frosting. Use a pastry bag fitted with a wide, round tip to
pipe frosting peaks on the entire cake: red on the swirl and stripes, yellow
on the remainder. If the icing is too soft to hold its shape during piping,
simply chill it right in the bag for a few minutes.

Step 4:

Finally, for each set of wheels, use dabs of frosting to stick a doughnut to
each end of a Pirouette cookie (you may need to make the doughnut holes a
bit bigger first). Stick the peppermint candies to the outer centers of the
doughnuts. Let the frosting harden a bit and then set the wheels in place
atop the skateboard.