Sliced Baked Potatoes

This is a very easy way to give the bland potato a lot of new flavor. The light coating of butter and cheese gives the potatoes a crisp outside.

4 medium even potatoes
1 tsp salt
2 to 3 Tbsp melted butter
2 to 3 Tbsp chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, chives, thyme or sage OR
2 to 3 tsp of dried herbs of your choice
4 Tbsp grated Cheddar cheese
1½ Tbsp Parmesan cheese

Peel potatoes if the skin is tough, otherwise just scrub and rinse them.

Cut potatoes into thin slices but not all the way through. Use a handle of a spoon to prevent knife from cutting all the way.

Put potatoes in a baking dish. Fan them slightly.

Sprinkle with salt and drizzle with butter. Sprinkle with herbs.

Bake potatoes at 425 F for about 50 minutes.

Remove from oven. Sprinkle with cheeses.

Bake potatoes for another 10 to 15 minutes until lightly browned, cheeses are melted and potatoes are soft inside. Check with a fork.

NOTE: I’ve also made these on the barbecue by wrapping the potato in foil and adding onion slices between the layers, and I sometimes omit the cheeses. It makes a nice surprise for your guests when they think it’s just going to be an ordinary baked potato!

These are indeed good, when I make them I use rosemary and bay leaf for the seasoning.

When I had my gall bladder removed I was to eat bland foods for awhile… my husband fixed me this style potato with just bay leaf in every 3rd slice and it was wonderfull.

I also like potatoes prepared in an oven, just a little bit different.

I normally slice them in segments (like segments of orange), put some oil and salt and ad some spices. As spices I use parsley, dill and cumin (seeds or grinded). If I have any vegetables, like paper or chili paper or peas, I would ad them 15 minutes before the end.

I use such potatoes as a side dish for some kind of meat, i.e. roasted turkey steak.