Slow Cooker Cheesy BBQ Pork Sandwiches

1 boneless pork shoulder (2 lb.), remove as much fat as possible
2 onions, sliced. separated into rings
1/2 cup BBQ sauce of your choice
8 kaiser rolls, split
8 single slices sharp cheddar cheese

Place meat in slow cooker, top with onions and BBQ sauce. Cover with lid, cook on low for 8-10 hours (or on high for 4-5 hours)

Remove meat from slow cooker, cut off and discard the excess fat. shred using two forks or chop the meat into small pieces. Return meat to slow cooker, stir until evenly coated with sauce.

Fill rolls with meat mixture and cheese just before serving.

Makes 8 servings.

You would not believe what the cheese does for the flavor of a BBQ sandwich, “TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT!!!” It makes a good BBQ sandwich just that much more tastier. I told my friend she is nuts to put cheese on a BBQ sandwich, LOL, LOL, boy was I ever surprised.