SMR Will Launch on Tuesday!

Tuesday is the Big Day!

On Tuesday, May 2nd we will launch our new Members Only/Invite Only site - (SMR).

First thing Tuesday, we will send an email to our Pre-Launch list of subscribers which will contain the secret webpage to sign up.

Go to:

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the ways SMR can make your life easier:

Get Recipes Sent Directly to Your Computer Daily. No need to check your email, these recipes will appear on your screen just like an Instant Message. Choose from:

  • Quick and Easy Recipes
  • Low Fat/Weight Watcher Recipes
  • Low Carb/Diabetic Recipes

Get over 4,000 free recipes to start and 150,000 additional recipes at the push of a button. Print them out to use whenever you need.

Instantly create grocery lists from any group of recipes you plan to make. You’ll be able to simply pick which recipes you want to make and the desktop program will create a grocery list with all the ingredients you’ll need. Just print it out and you’re ready to go.

Organize recipes on your computer. Copy recipes from the Web and off your computer and group them by category or organize them any way you choose.

Scale any recipe to whatever serving size you desire. For example - you copy a recipe from the web which has a serving size of 5 - but you only want to make it for 2. No problem, the software will automatically scale the ingredients to serve 2.

Search recipes by ingredient. For example - if you have left-over turkey, you can easily have the software pull up hundreds of different recipes and ideas to use your left-over turkey.

Search recipes by nutrition criteria. For example - if you only want to see recipes with less than 200mg of sodium - no problem!

Export shopping lists and recipes to any handheld device or PDA.

Print Coupons on Demand. Save money each week by printing out coupons right from your computer. Big savings on all the major consumer brands.

Be Part of Our Diet Support Forum. Join a community of health conscious people who encourage each other to eat right. Read weight loss and self-improvement success stories and get inspired. Share your experiences with others and stay motivated. Learn inexpensive ways for you and your family to enjoy healthy meals.

Download New Cookbooks Each Month. You will have instant access to our online cookbook library where we’ll add a new cookbook for you to download each month. No paying for shipping and waiting for delivery - you’ll be able to access these cookbooks instantly on your computer.

Earn Residual Income for Life. Earn $3.00 per month for each new member you invite. SMR is an invitation only membership and you’ll have the power to invite new members. You’ll be given a referral website link which you can email to others and earn $3 per month (40%) for each new member who joins. We will send you commissions every month for as long as your referral remains a member.

All This For Only .25 cents a Day.

Go to:

I thought I had recieved a membership when I ordered your cookbooks. I can’t figure out how to sign on. If you could set me straight I would be very thankful Love you site. Deb Miller

The membership for SMR is completely seperate from this site. You don’t get a free membership for ordering a cookbook. However, you do get a free cookbook when you sign up for a 1 year membership to SMR. For details go to:

I also thought I had received a membership when I ordered the cookbooks?? However now I’m getting the email telling me I have to again pay for membership? Help?

Ordering a cookbook doesn’t give you membership - it only gets you a cookbook. I’m not sure why you thought that but sorry if there was a misunderstanding. is a completely seperate website and service.