Can anyone tell me how to store leftover (or made ahead) spanakopita appetizers? I make only the cheese-filled ones without the spinach. Can they be refrigerated? If so, how to re-heat? Thanks!

My wife’s aunt used to make them. She would freeze them (wrapped in plastic wrap or foil) and then thaw and reheat in the oven.

Surely ya’ can refridge em for like 5 days. Might even try freezing them.
To reheat from fridge, use your oven at 350F (don’t wanna over brown them). Since they’re folded pockets, I wouldn’t try the microwave. Might pop em open.
And if frozen, just defrost them 1st, then the oven. Probably could do them frozen, but thawing will allow the moisture to redistribute first.
Best way would be a toaster oven, set on toast.

DUH !!! Spanakopita isnt Spanakopita without the Spinache It is cheese filled Philo dough!

Once you learn how to make them properly, if you have left overs, freeze them or freeze the whole batch before you bake of deep fry them,some people do deep fry them